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Loose Ends


In crochet, one of the tasks that I enjoy the least is weaving in loose ends. It's one of those chores that can't be ignored. It's always better to weave them in as I go along but I seldom do, and, as a consequence, it always seems to take longer than I think it should.

In life, loose ends act the same way. Procrastinate to your peril. A task wrongly categorized in my mind as "Later" eats up mental bandwidth and energy. Peace of mind is sacrificed. Disappointment is inevitable.

A million words have been written by others much more astute than I about task and time management. I only write this, on this abandoned shack of a blog, as an exercise in taking a step forward to weaving in the loose end that is my website.

A colleague uttered the phrase "Facebook will steal your audience" the other day and it rang so true, I could hardly believe I had never realized this. In my case, I allowed Facebook to steal my audience. I remember the turning point vividly. I justified that I would continue to write on this blog but just post links to it on Facebook.

Life brought its own set of changes and before I knew it, I fell out of practice in many of my creative pursuits: photography, writing, crocheting included.

Ironically, the things that would have helped calm my mind became the last things I would turn to in an era of chaos, stress, and failure.

Now that life's circumstances have taken a more positive turn, it's time to weave in those ends, finish projects that need finishing, and start afresh with new ones.

So here's to weaving in loose ends. May those ends stay securely woven and not come undone in the wash.

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