January 23, 2007

For A Limited Time Only: Amber at the Student Massage Clinic

Barring another surprise snow storm, this Wednesday will be my first night at the East West College Student Massage Clinic. "What's that?" you say. I'm so glad you asked.

This term I am taking Business and Clinical Practices. One day a week (Monday evenings, generally), I have business class and on Wednesday evenings, I give massages in the college's student clinic.

For a limited time only, you can make an appointment through the school and request me as your student massage therapist. You will receive a 50 minute Swedish relaxation massage for $25. "What a deal," you declare. "Indeed," I reply. You should know that we have access to the hydrocollator packs which is worth the price of admission alone. What are hydrocollator packs? Oh, well, they are simply hot little bundles of heaven that'll turn your back into jelly. Divine.

Sounds good? Well there are a limited number of appointments and this deal ends March 19, 2007. If Wednesdays don't work for you, there will be two Monday night clinics which should be February 19 and March 19. (We just decided on the February 19 makeup clinc last night, so the receptionists might not be aware of it yet.)

"How do I make an appointment?" you cleverly ask. You simply call the school and request "Amber Himes" for a Wednesday evening massage at the student clinic. The time slots will either be 6:40 pm or 8:00 pm. The number to call is 503-233-6500.

The Fine Print. Since this is a student clinic, there are some extra liability concerns and precautions that manifest in the policies. So, if you are pregnant; currently have a serious injury, disease, or have had surgery within the past 5 years; currently have any kind of infectious disease (including skin disease) you will need to have your doctor's clearance before you can receive a massage at the student clinic. The doctor should also indicate any limitations I should observe. This clearance must be in writing. You can either bring the written note with you or have the doctor fax it to 503-232-4392. Ok? Taking care of this ahead of time will save you from being turned away after you arrive for your appointment. And that would be no fun at all!


Thank you for your support!

Posted by Amber at January 23, 2007 09:27 AM

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