March 26, 2004

Tips for Bloggers

~stevenf: Tips For Bloggers

Isn't it interesting how we find Web sites? Here's how I found this entry:

I was going to lunch and wanted to bring something along to read. Decided not to lug around a book and instead opted for a print-out of an article. So I checked my page and printed out this introductory article on PEAR by Harry Fuecks, who wrote the The PHP Anthology that I purchased a little while back and have just started reading on the MAX. Well, in his article, he didn't have instructions for installing PEAR for OSX (and I got to thinking if no one has written any instructions for OSX-ers, then maybe I will figure it out and write it up), so when I got back to my desk after having some yummy enchiladas at the Global Food Court on 2nd, I went back to the aforementioned article and clicked on "an introduction to PEAR" link which brought me to O'Reilly's ONLamp site (ONLamp = all things open source, i.e. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, etc.). I scanned the article and didn't really find what I was looking for. Just then, an ad for a book called Running OSX Panther caught my eye. After reading the description of the book and wiping the drool off the side of my mouth, I noticed a cool feature of O'Reilly's Online Catalog in which you select from a drop-down menu which store you would like to buy the book from. ("Ooo! An ad for MacDeveloper's Journal! Cool! Oh wait, I'm not a MacDeveloper...Hmmm, that might be fun.") I tried and a couple of others and then I noticed that they had Powell's listed as well. I thought, "cool!" I can walk over to the technical store and grab a used copy! Then, I decided, "no, better to wait until payday" and went back to O'Reilly's site to hunt down PEAR related articles hopefully written by someone running OSX. I looked at this, and searched for this and decided to go to the O'Reilly home page for a clean start. (I perceived that I was a bit lacking in direction. "Lack of direction?" you say? "Oh no, not at all, " shakes head with sly sarcastic smirk on face.) It was there that I noticed a little paragraph describing an interview called, "Dev to Dev: Panic Interview" and upon further examination of said paragraph, noticed that it was an interview with the author of none other than Running Mac OS X, the very book I was only moments ago salavating over!!! Now with my curiousity piqued by more than just the esoteric name of the article, I clicked on the "Dev to Dev" link, thinking to myself, "Cool! Forget PEAR, I'm gonna read this!" Now galvanting down my dynamically-generated pseudo-geek rabbit trail, I read the interview with increased interest and enthusiasm and quickly discovered that Panic was not only a local Portland outfit, but the creators of my favorite FTP program, Transmit!!! What could possibly be the next revelation?! What an exciting lunch break this is turning out to be! (Go ahead, laugh.) So, how did I get to the blog entry referenced at the beginning of this blog entry? (I know, you're just dying to know!) At the end of the "Dev to Dev" article, the author writes in closing about the co-founders, James Duncan Davidson and Steven Frank. Having already discovered James' book that is now on my payday purchases wish list, I decided to check out Steven's blog, ~stevenf, which I immediately gathered was an MT blog (like my own) and scanning the Recent Entries, found this little entry, "Tips For Bloggers, which led me to this and then back again to writing this entry. (Now how do I do that trackback thing again?)

Well, there you have it. A informal procedural knowledge crash course on how to find information (both interesting, useful, and other miscellaneous tidbits) on the wonderful, deployable, sometimes deplorable World Wide Web.

Thank you for your time. And happy Friday.


Posted by Amber at March 26, 2004 02:11 PM

Looks like you figured out how to do the trackback thing... =)

Happy my article was of use to you!

Posted by: Lisa at March 26, 2004 02:15 PM

It was; thank-you!

(Wow, and another first: a comment from someone who isn't related to me!)

Posted by: Amber at March 26, 2004 02:23 PM
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