June 08, 2005

Open Letters to the Pope

Global Perspective is featuring open letters to the new Pope from around the world. Here's an exerpt from the May 31st edition, an open letter by Fr. Francis Gonsalves, a Jesuit in Gujarat, India.

Global Perspective: An open letter to the new pope

Your Holiness, you spoke of "deserts", repeatedly: "the desert of poverty, the desert of hunger and thirst, the desert of abandonment, the desert of God's darkness." India is often deemed a "desert of poverty." Millions of Indians are poor, hungry, dying. Conversely, the so-called "Christian West" dies from a "poverty of desertion" as Westerners conveniently desert spouses, children, churches and seminaries leading to "spiritual poverty." Worse, powerful nations sometimes called "Christian countries" desert their responsibility towards their poor and suffering brethren. When you condemned "the powers of exploitation and destruction" we exulted because some guru, David-like, must someday stand up to global Goliaths and shout, "This is not Christianity!" We pray you will be that one.

This week, an open letter to the Pope by Joseph Adero Ngala, an African journalist based in Kenya who won the German Shalom Prize for reporting in Rwanda and Sudan: Africa knows the church's good works, not its doctrine.

Happy open letter eavesdropping.

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