August 02, 2005

The Rain in Bombay

The rain in Bombay falls on the righteous and the wrong
And there is no way for me to understand

Caedmon's Call, "Bombay Rain"

Floods and landslides in Bombay last week have brought the city, whose airport has been my first taste of India for the last two years, to a standstill. According to this Reuters article, blame is being placed on civic authorities, who have monumentally failed in the task of urban planning for this city of seven islands, stiched together by "reclaimed land."

"Reclaimed land", according to our Singaporean tour guide, who, on our tour of the city during our layover in February, pointed out reclaimed land in Singapore, is soil brought from somewhere else and dumped into the ocean, then allowed to settle for a number years until it is determined to be stable for urban building. In Singapore's case, the soil is brought from Indonesia.

But in the case of Bombay, which is not blessed with the ingenious urban planning apparent in Singapore, hundreds died in a city of myriad urban problems, including slums and housing projects with no drainage, water-logging along the coastlines of reclaimed land, and destroyed trees and wetlands that could have dissipated waves and naturally drained the torrential rainfall.

But on a personal note, I have some friends flying out of Bombay at the end of this week. The flooding caused the airport to close nearly all of last week, so please pray that the airport's schedule will normalize this week for all the people trying to fly out.

Posted by Amber at August 2, 2005 02:39 PM

Thanks for the mention... we have been singing that caedmon's song in our head all week! If we can make it from Hyd to Bom tomorrow, then we are most surely going to make it out of the country. International flights are going... domestic ones are uncertain.

On a less selfish note... the slums have been devastated and there are now the poorest of the poor people in Bombay suffering even more. We are pulling together relief materials and I circulated a proposal for $150,000 yesterday to our partner organization's offices around the world. Hopefully some will respond.

God is good and in control. Someone reminded me of Psalm 115:3 this week and I chuckled. You can read it and chuckle, too.


Posted by: Dr. Leah at August 2, 2005 11:29 PM

Well, I'm glad to hear about the international flights going out. I can't wait to talk to you when you get to the states!

It's awful about the people who lived in the slums, though. I'll pray God favors your grant -- I know that money will be well-administered.

Psalm're right, that verse does make me smile. =)

Posted by: amber at August 3, 2005 10:04 AM
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